Trapped In VoiceOver Limbo

Earlier this week I got a call from a client who had managed to paint himself into a rather interesting corner. It seems that somehow he had managed to activate the VoiceOver function on his iPhone, and could not get it to turn off. For those you who are unfamiliar with VoiceOver, it is one of a number of accessibility applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.These applications change the operating system in ways that help users with disabilities to be able to interact with the device easier. However, if you have not been trained in their use, they can effectively make your device unusable. In the case of my client, VoiceOver changed the normal scrolling from one finger, to a three finger gesture and changed the normal single tap to activate an item into a double tap.

Turning VoiceOver Off

1.  Double-tap the Settings icon on your homepage.
2.  Use three fingers to scroll down to the General menu, and double-click on it.  Click for image.
3.  Use three fingers to scroll down to the Accessibility menu, and double-click on it.  Click for image.
4.  Double-tap on the VoiceOver menu item.  Click for image.
5.  Turn VoiceOver off

At this point your phone should be back to normal.

About Chris Barczys

Chris has spent over 20 years integrating Apple technologies into the business and personal lives of those around him. He has run 2 Apple based consultancies, and has held positions ranging from sales to CIO. He is currently The Head Genius of Personal Mac Geniuses.